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The Grocery Gadget web portal is the easiest way to organize, manage, and plan your regular visits to the grocery store.  All the grocery lists and coupons you store within the portal automatically sync with your Grocery Gadget app, and every device in your household.


Prepare Grocery Lists

Create a FREE online portal account to build, manage, and store an unlimited number of re-usable grocery lists.  Login from any desktop computer to manage your lists.


Import Recipes & Lists

Create a portal account to organize and import your favorite lists and recipes.  Add recipe ingredients to your shopping lists with a single click.  Upload lists in .CSV format, or from your other apps like Grocery IQ, Groceries, or BigOven.  



Create an online portal account to find current coupons deals at your favorite local grocery stores.  Match eCoupons with the items on your grocery shopping lists.


Mobile Sync

Create an online portal account to sync your grocery lists with your mobile device.  Create a "group" in the online portal to sync lists across every device in your household.