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FREE (with ads), BASIC and PRO editions - Update 3.3


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What you can do...

  • Introduction

  • A simple checklist of favorites

  • A systematic approach at home and at the store

  • The difference between the full and Lite editions



Preparing a list

  • Reviewing your master favorites list

  • Searching your favorites list

  • Adding and deleting items to your shopping list

  • Changing the needed quantity of an item

  • Arranging items in a shopping list

Shopping with your list

  • Resorting your list

  • Removing purchased items

Reusable lists

  • Making multiple lists

  • Resetting for a new shopping trip

  • Updating the list

  • Using the checkboxes at the store

Modifying the master favorites list

  • Modifying an item and adding your own

  • Modifying a category and adding your own

  • Deleting items from the master favorites list

Using stores and prices

  • Adding, selecting and modifying stores

  • Adding and changing aisles

  • Adding and changing prices

  • Setting taxes

Using barcodes

  • Scanning barcodes to prepare a list

  • Adding barcodes to existing items

Adding more info to your items

  • Adding photos

  • Adding sizes, measures, packaging, brands

  • Adding notes

Saving with coupons

  • Adding simple coupon memos

  • Enabling a coupon provider

  • Coupons for your list from a selected store

  • Coupons for a selected item from all stores

  • Your coupon provider account

Sharing with friends, family and co-workers

  • Emailing a list

  • Signing-up for a Group account

  • Joining and leaving a Group

  • Push Notifications

  • Understanding synchronization



Sharing with your computer

  • The web portal today

  • The web portal soon

Installation and configuration options

  • International Language settings

  • App Settings

  • Data Objects

Help and user resources

  • In-App Help pages

  • The app Information page

  • Other user resources

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